Hana Japanese Market!!! (17th and U)

Posted: July 12, 2011 in U-Street Corridor

Who would anyone actually walk into this place?

After countless requests/complaints as to the content and quality of this godforsaken blog, I figured the hype/hate was at the perfect point for my initial post. So considering that I told myself that I would start this over a month ago… here we go.

For the haters

As I aimlessly stumbled down the street in my heat-exhausted stupor, I saw what at first appeared to be a mirage…it couldn’t be. That’s right baby, I found a hidden Japanese Market (and travel agency)! Disguised by its seemingly grimy exterior, Hana Japanese Market aimed to fill a long-term void in my life. As I apprehensively opened to door this is what greeted my eyes (To the right son).

For you green lovers

Upon the realization that this truly was a legitimate no bullshit Japanese Market, I took a moment and let a tear drop much to the confusion of the cute Japanese owner and shopkeeper. Boasting the most authentic Japanese and Asian goods this side of the Shinano River (google that shit), Hana market has it all. Straight ahead was food, to my left Candy to my right frozen goods, deserts and drinks. They even have a whole freezer devoted to different Mochi for Christ’s sake, something so crazy only the Japanese could do it. I froze, unable to decide my path, until at last I went forward into a world lost in translation. When I reached a point where I looked around to find that I literally had no idea what I was looking at, I knew I was in the right place. While Hana Market offers many packaged and frozen goods, they also have a variety of local vegetables on hand.

Although I only got a green tea mochi (seriously a whole freezer?) and a oolong iced tea, I knew I would be back for all my Asian purchases. So if you’ve got that Asian fever, then the only prescription is Hana Japanese Market. Even if you’re not hungry just walk in and be transported to another world, you can even get some airfare whole you’re at it to experience the real thing.

(U-Street Corridor, 2004 17th St NW)


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