Baked & Wired (Thomas Jefferson St.)

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Georgetown

On the outside just another terrible coffee shop...

Oh my damn, just thinking about this place makes my taste buds go wilder than my average Monday night. Much like what I imagine a quintessential NYU coffee joint to look like, Baked & Wired does correctly what so many others have tried and failed miserably. Located essentially in the heart of Georgetown, Baked and Wired has some of the best coffee and baked goods the city has to offer. I’m talking about some highly delicious shit here.

While the title undoubtedly implies some sort of strange combination of a simultaneously high and caffeinated degenerate, I assure you while they may frequent the place, Baked & Wired is home to college students and senior professionals alike.

Alright, now for a lesson in DC culture for those of y’all that don’t know. Here in DC there seems to be some strange phenomenon for cupcakes, resulting in what I like to call Cupcake Battles. For you ignorant folk out there that think Georgetown Cupcake is God’s gift to society, stop reading now before you go into a baseless wild rage.

On the inside, a cornucopia of Samuel L. Jackson's favorite treats!

In my humbly factual opinion, no other cupcake (only a few places actually deserve to sell them as such) in the city even compares to those of Baked & Wired.

But the deliciousness doesn’t stop there, oh no, I’ve only just begun. If the cupcakes and outstanding coffee didn’t pique your interest then maybe the slew of other unique mouthwatering creations will. Ranging anywhere from donut fritters to homemade biscottis, Baked & Wired will satiate all the childhood desires your mother maliciously refused you.

Coffee for all y'all tea haters

If after all these delicious morsels you still want more, than why not try the Wired portion of this god-like combination? Offering all the coffee and tea selections you could ever desire, you’re sure to find a favorite among their stellar lineup.Utilizing fresh beans and large shiny machines, the baristas (which is just a pretentious way to say, the chump who makes your shit) will masterfully craft your coffee.

Even though the oft times hipster crowd adorned with attire that can only be seen as some sort of mindless anachronism originally left a bad taste in my mouth, it’s the killer combo offered only at Baked and Wired that keeps me coming back.

My patented hipster removal device.


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